About Uniontown

City of Uniontown Welcome Sign (Old)

Located in the Blackbelt region, Uniontown, Alabama, has a rich history that dates back to its settlement in 1818. Originally named Woodville after its first family, the town was officially incorporated on December 23, 1836. Early developments included the construction of one of the state's earliest plank roads in 1848, connecting Woodville with Demopolis.

Uniontown experienced growth with the arrival of the Alabama and Mississippi Railroad in 1857. By 1860, the town had established educational facilities for both boys and girls, along with various businesses, including department stores, lining its main street. The economy of Uniontown was closely tied to the surrounding plantations during this time. In 1861, the town was renamed Uniontown, inspired by a local planter's hometown of Uniontown, Maryland. Several men from Uniontown fought in the Civil War, including units such as the Canebrake Rifle Guards and the Independent Troop of Uniontown.

Following the war, Uniontown continued to rely on agriculture, and in 1897, the Uniontown Cotton Oil Company, one of the state's earliest industrial businesses, was established, producing cottonseed oil and cottonseed meal. By 1900, the town boasted cotton gins, warehouses, and a cotton mill. Electricity and telephone services were introduced, further enhancing the town's development.

However, Uniontown faced population decline in the early 20th century as people abandoned plantations due to the devastating impact of the boll weevil on the cotton crop. Despite this challenge, Uniontown has made progress over the years. The town has witnessed the establishment of new businesses, improved medical facilities, expanded government services, and enhanced schools and recreational facilities.

Family life thrives in Uniontown, supported by its schools, churches, and community organizations. With a landscape adorned by old farms and a strong City Government committed to providing excellent services, Uniontown offers an ideal environment to settle and raise a family. The town's rich history and traditions, coupled with its ongoing growth and development, make Uniontown a welcoming and vibrant community in rural West Alabama.